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Melissa Koerner, HLC, CMTA, CPT, CIMHC

Certified Nutrition, Fitness and Integrative Medicine Health Coach

Over the last 11+ years, I’ve helped thousands of people optimize their bodies to lose weight and reverse their chronic health issues.  But before I started helping people lose their excess weight and address their health challenges, I first had to help myself.

12 years ago, I had A LOT of health issues, which I now know were related to toxicity and inflammation.  I was tired all the time, I had chronic digestive issues (I was constipated, gassy and bloated – my doctor at the time diagnosed me with IBS), I had severe acne and dry, itchy skin, I had body odor and a sweating problem, I had daily brain fog (I couldn’t focus at all!), I didn’t sleep well (I was waking 4-5 times per night), I had chronic shoulder, hip and back pain, I had insatiable cravings and I felt hungry all the time, I had severe mental/emotional imbalances, where I felt moody, irritable, and depressed, I had severe PMS, I got sick very easily with colds, and I was gaining weight. I felt like a mess!

After making some simple healthy changes to my diet and lifestyle, I’ve been able to reverse every. single. one. of these health challenges.  And I feel better now in my 40s than I did in my 20s!

I have a teaching degree from Boston University and seven years of formal teaching experience.  (Fun fact: I did my student teaching in London, England.)  I also hold numerous advanced health, fitness and nutrition certifications.  I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Metabolic Typing Nutrition Advisor and Certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach.

I’ve combined my personal experience overcoming my own health issues with my teaching experience as a classroom teacher and the knowledge I’ve gained from various holistic health certifications to create programs and a community like no other. Healthy Body Healthy Life provides you with a practical lifestyle plan and support system that uses a natural and holistic approach to addressing the underlying root causes of your health and weight issues, so you can feel more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally and ultimately be as healthy, happy and vibrant as you can possibly be.

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Guaranteed Results

I’ll help you assess your current nutrition and lifestyle habits, create a personalized wellness plan, and implement your action step plan successfully.  My goal is to help you make lifestyle changes, so you achieve your immediate health and weight loss goals and you feel your BEST for the rest of your life!

Holistic & natural root-cause approach
Practical strategies to eat clean & avoid food toxins
Easy, delicious & inexpensive whole food meal plans
Simple, corrective & functional exercise plans
The most up-to-date holistic health resources
Open, encouraging & inspiring support system

Real people. Real results.

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Holistic Health Programs

21-Day Detox

Detoxify naturally

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21-Day Detox Program

Say goodbye to brain fog and inflammatory aches and pains.  Ditch the extra pounds.  And feel totally energized, focused and confident in your clothes.
  • Complete nutrition and lifestyle action step plans, so everything is laid out for you.
  • Easy, delicious and satisfying whole food recipes that help you detoxify naturally.
  • Simple, done-for-you and customizable meal plans to make the detox process easy to maintain for the 21 days.
  • Bonus tools for eliminating emotional toxins so you can feel more clear, focused and emotionally balanced.
  • LIVE weekly coaching sessions for support, guidance and accountability.

Doing a dedicated detox to cleanse your body periodically is an absolute necessity to be healthy and thrive in the toxic world we currently live in – even if you eat a healthy diet.

Discover how to permanently eliminate toxic body fat and be as healthy, happy and vibrant as you can possibly be by optimizing your detoxification system and cleansing your body of harmful toxins that are disrupting your organ and hormone function, and ultimately, weighing you down – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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