Better Beyond 50 Membership, Holistic Health System & Weekly Coaching Sessions

The Better Beyond 50 Holistic Health Coaching System is a practical, holistic 4-step plan: Step #1. Nutrition & Digestion, Step #2. Stress & Emotions, Step #3. Sleep & Energy, Step #4. Exercise & Strength.  Our live 8-week Better Beyond 50 program guides you through implementing these 4 steps, and with our ongoing weekly coaching you can participate many times a year and progress at your own pace.  The BB50 System is designed to help you get to the underlying root causes of your health and weight issues, reduce inflammation, and reset your blood sugar, hormones and metabolism, so you can gain more energy, have restful sleep, build stronger bones and lose unhealthy body fat.  I use the latest holistic and integrative medicine tools to help you self-assess your health and lifestyle habits, create a personalized wellness plan, implement your action step plan successfully, and maintain healthy habits for the rest of your life.

Not only do I help you create the right, customized nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you achieve your health goals, but I’m right by your side, coaching you through the process, every step of the way.  Throughout the course of a year, I’ll meet with you and other BB50 members every week in a group coaching session that provides the opportunity to get individualized support from me and also learn and get support as group.  I’ll work with you to re-evaluate your progress, set new goals and update your action step plan, so you’re continually applying the tools you’ve learned, working towards your health goals, and getting the results you want.  We’ll also dive deep into the latest holistic health knowledge for women from the leading experts throughout the year to make sure your wellness plan has the best and latest strategies.

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Private Holistic Health Coaching & Functional Medicine Testing

My holistic and integrative one-on-one coaching program that offers you the opportunity to go even deeper with me to help you identify the root causes of inflammation and imbalances causing you to develop chronic health issues and gain weight.  We will further evaluate nutrition, hormone, and gut imbalances through Functional Medicine-based lab testing.  Using these Functional Medicine-based lab tests, I create a personalized, holistic wellness protocol that that includes specific nutrition, supplementation, stress-reduction and exercise recommendations that address your specific needs, goals and lifestyle.

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