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Who is Melissa Purington?

Over the last 15+ years, through my Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Programs, I’ve helped thousands of people optimize their bodies to eliminate toxins and chronic inflammation, so they can achieve their IDEAL weight and body size, feel more ENERGIZED, think more CLEARY, and be FREE of chronic aches and pains.

I’ve combined my personal experience overcoming my own personal health issues with my teaching experience as a classroom teacher, and the knowledge I’ve gained from various advanced holistic health certifications to create programs and a community like no other.

My holistic nutrition and lifestyle programs provide you with a practical plan and support system that uses a natural and holistic approach to help you BREAK your cycles of emotional eating and ELIMINATE chronic inflammation, so you can SHED your excess belly fat SAFELY, EASILY, and PERMANENTLY, and ultimately, be as HEALTHY, HAPPY, and VIBRANT as you can possibly be!

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